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Each item is unique according to fabric availability, then various fabrics are placed to best advantage within the garment.  For example, an unattractive or unacceptable design on silk can be used as an interlining to give warmth. Designs are integrated to give balance to each individual piece and there is opportunity to incorporate part of cherished garments into a new piece.

To date I have worked on 2 main designs – a long coat style jacket and a shorter more fitted jacket. Both these incorporate high quality wools, silks and cashmere and use neglected end of rolls, damaged or misprinted materials.

In sourcing the fabrics I have discovered a number of neglected fabrics that have lain unused for many years. There was perceived to be no particular use for the material at the time and in one case the owner was instructed to destroy thousands of metres of now vintage cloth. Fortunately, this particular person refused to do this regarding it as his pension, which has turned out to be the case.