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As a result of my investigations of sustainability, I realised the value of sharing my knowledge. Consequently, I am combining my lifelong skills with textiles and current environmental concerns to develop learning opportunities within the community.
I am running classes in the White Peak area of Derbyshire covering many aspects of practical sewing techniques. These range from introductory skills to more challenging areas of stitch and design.  My intention is to examine those particular skills which will help in everyday lives, whilst also being aware of the need to provide  participants with a rewarding experience by demonstrating how the medium can be used creatively. .

I taught GCE and CSE for several years in secondary schools, achieving excellent results, which helped to equip students with important life skills.  Subsequently I have worked with Mainly Stitch, a mentored, exhibiting workshop group, which has enabled me to develop the creative aspect of my own work.  

Classes will cover:

Confidence in using a sewing machine

Useful decorative techniques by hand and using a sewing machine

Soft furnishings – curtains (blackout as well), cushions, draft excluders and doorstops

Using a pattern and garment construction techniques

Prolong the life of your clothes, mending and repair them
Many will take place as regular weekly morning or evening classes, there may be a drop in time planned in the future and others may be day classes in different rural locations.  Please alert me as to your particular interests, so I can be informed and your needs taken into account when I’m planning further courses.

Current class details can be found in the blog